Johnny Black is flipping good at all he does — and he's a jolly nice chap too!   -Jeremy Kaye

"We are loving all our wedding photos Johnny Black and Amy. Thank you. xx"                  -Dolly & Martin 

"I love them all and we want to do it all again"                                                  -Kate & Bruce Duthie

Louise Clark • 

James and I want to say a huge thank you again for the amazing wedding photos. We couldn't have asked for more, they are just perfect and capture every detail & special moment of the day. The kids photos are beautiful & we've smiled and laughed looking at them all. You & Barry did such a great job & made our day extra special & lots of fun. Now to fill the house with photos! Thanks again Johnny — we look forward to seeing you again soon.

Sofia Pugh • 

I had been searching for 14 years for a picture/ photo/ print of HMS Warrior, that I could put up at home - that was beyond the average print out there.... and I fell upon Johnny Black - what can I say - from no choice, to being spoilt for choice. I made my tough decision on which photo to choose, placed my order and within a week it was done. I met Johnny in Portsmouth to collect my print (although free delivery was offered) and I was so very pleased with my choice. Also to mention, it was packaged fabulously. It is remaining so, until we decorate our dining room and it will hang 'pride of place' as a reminder of our wedding 14 years ago. Thank you so much Johnny and I'm keeping my eye on your work of more great prints. - Would totally recommend you, you have the creative eye! Thank you.

Emma Liddon • 

Thanks Johnny for the fantastic pics of our gorgeous little Bobby and his mummy and daddy! We had a fab time doing them — and we all love them!

Jennifer Phillips • 

Johnny is simply the best photographer for the job, no matter what that job is. You won't regret hiring him. The results will speak for themselves.

Martina Gruppo • 

Johnny takes amazing photographs which I used for marketing purposes. He has the ability to take natural photographs without disturbing or intruding. I would recommend him for business or personal photographs, still or life and I look forward to working with him again.

Adrienne Halladay • 

I cannot recommend Johnny highly enough for photographing any special occasion. I liked him from the moment I met him as he was very professional, pleasant, and seemed to truly enjoy his work. He certainly didn’t disappoint on the day. The magic of the day was perfectly captured in so many beautiful and natural shots. So, if you are looking for a professional photographer for any special occasion, and want to work with someone who’s low-stress and fun, Johnny is a fantastic choice.

Mandy Brook • 

Johnny is a personable chap and because of that he gets the best out of people and helps them relax into their photo session. He likes to take different shots of normal situations and these develop into a truly unique keepsake of your occasion be that corporate, personal or celebratory. Use him with confidence knowing that he will help you find the "smile" in your photos!

Catherine Greenway • 

Johnny is a kind, warm, and friendly gentleman. He is reliable, he listens, and he will do his utmost to provide you with what you want.
His photographs are simple, understated and informal, giving a gentle commentary of your special day. If you need a professional photographer, I recommend him highly!

Julie Penson • 

Johnny has helped to create exceptional sales material with the help of his outstanding photography skills. I would not hesitate to recommend his services.

Alan Phillips • 

Johnny Black is one of those rare individuals with integrity, work ethic and a wonderful personality. He is creative and hard working and I would highly recommend Johnny Black for any role that came his way. As a photographer you will be delighted with his input to your project and the terrific photos he will produce.

Julie Penson • 

I am more than happy to recommend Johnny Black photography. I used many of his photographs within company presentations throughout the Far East over the last couple of years, and wouldn't hesitate using his services again if the need arose.

Peter Baker

Johnny is a very talented photographer,he has a great eye, as well as this he has a great charactor, a special way of putting people at ease.I have known him for more than 20 yrs in the ski industry