Canon Professional Services New Forest

2.00am in the morning, bag is open and on the side is a 5D3, 16-35 f2.8, 24-105 f4, Manfrotto Pro55, waterproof camera cover, four batteries, waterproof SD card holder with 8 cards, lens wipes, Head torch, cleaning cloth. I'm ready.

Better put some trousers on. 

Sebago jacket, craghopper trousers, Merrell walking shoes, I'm going deep into the forest 😊

3.30am start at the lovely Beaulieu Hotel next to Beaulieu Road Station, in the New Forest, Hampshire.  

The Canon UK guys are all there waiting, coffee biscuits and orange juice is available. In the conference room there are stalls for Manfrotto tripods, Lee filters, BlackRapid straps and of course a huge range of bodies and lenses from the lovely people from Canon, all for us to take out to the forest to play with. 

First we have a talk by the slowly waking up David Clapp, very incitful and gave some very useful tips for us to take into the forest. Thank you David  


I plumped for the 5D4 with a 100-400 bolted on for good measure. Manfrotto loaned me a Pro head for my tripod and I was ready. 

We all went out into the dark and squeezed (too many camera bags) into two waiting minibuses and off we went. We landed just up from Boulder Wood and disembarked with all the new equipment, a short walk to the top of the hill and it was a case of find your spot for the sunrise. I found mine and dug in and waited.


Was it spectacular, no not really but it gave a bit of a light show. Armed with the 100-400 I set to task to put it to the test, David Clapp had said to give the macro a try, so hand held and with image stability on I hit a few fungi & flora between the eyes and very happy I was too.  


when the sun finally made an appearance we were bathed in a lovely golden light for the best part of half an hour.



After shooting the wildlife and sunrise, we headed back to the hotel for another talk about printing the images and more importantly sausage and bacon sarnies. Sleep deprivation kicked in and I was flagging, so I reluctantly handed back the equipment and shook hands with many and made my way home, fulfilled and happy to shoot somewhere different to Portsmouth for a change. Although I'm happily looking forward to try out a few tips I picked up.

all prints are available to buy in many sizes from the shop at 1, St.Vincent Road Southsea PO52QR or email 

JB 😊