Grenfell Tower fire

My heart broke for all those poor souls trapped in the tower. My biggest fears are claustrophobia and fire, so as soon as I saw this I wanted to do something to help, I knew if I just donated to the fund, that would be it and even sharing it on social media, I wasn't confident it would make much more. So the idea of auctioning three of my A1 photos in the hope we could gain a few more pounds arose. 

They sell for £80.00 normally, so I was hoping somewhere near to that would make a decent amount. 

Well I had message after message from people offering from £10 to £75 for the photos, at £50, £65 and £75 I thought that was it, a very decent amount of money, to send to the Grenfell fund and to the Emergency services fund, 50% each. 

That was before the 2pm Saturday deadline Alison from Biscoes solicitors put in a bid of £150 for each of the three photos a huge total of £450.00.  A HUGE THANK YOU TO BISCOES.

What does this say, well it says solicitors have compassion and (a great eye for a photo 😂😂)  a huge heart. It also says that we as a community care about others we care if they are Muslim, we care if they are poor, we care if they are made homeless, we care about humans. 

This gives me faith in all of us coming together, because together we are stronger, together we are HUMANS. 


£150.00 bid by BISCOES


 £150.00 bid by BISCOES


 £150.00 bid by BISCOES