My Perfect City

I can honestly say, hand on my heart I live in the perfect City for me. 


Where shall I start, my first memories, me playing in the garden at Somerset Road North, shouting at the top of my voice on a Saturday afternoon when Pompey were at home, as the crowd cheered then so did I. My support has never wavered, even though my uncle Sid told me to be like a certain Mr Greaves, I tried, but all it did was make me a follower of Yid, they are still my second team to look out for, along with Cambridge ( can't remember why). I love being a Pompey fan, I like the roller coaster ride.

The sea. 

I love being surrounded by the sea, the noise of the waves, the smell in the wind, the ever changing views and colours. 

Sunrise and Sunset.

We are blessed by the views of stunning sunrise and sunsets from our island city, starting and finishing in a different place everyday of the year.

Food and commerce. 

We have an abundance of restaurants and eateries of all tastes and predominantly independent, I love to use local business and we have a fantastic eclectic of shops and food outlets.


We are an island and with that comes the island mentality we are a stronghold we are opinionated and resolute, we are strong in character. 

Views and Architecture

These we have in abundance, at every turn there is something to shoot and capture, drive through the streets of Eastney and the east west parallels gives you a sight of the Spinnaker Tower. Walk down Osbourne Road and there is street art from acclaimed artists such as Gary Stranger, MSK, Fark and many more. Walk to the end of the road and you are greeted with the facade of the Queens Hotel. North of the City you have the Hilsea lines, West, you have the docks, East you have an almost uninterrupted shoreline walk.

In the City Center we have the iconic Guildhall and adjacent civic offices. 

All in all it has everything I need in a city, it has history, it has attractions it is the perfect city for me.