I had a quick impromptu ask, to shoot the newly opening splash-pool in Paulsgrove. I literally had to move the pool cleaner and gardeners out the way to shoot it, the kids are going to love it. 😍



I had so much fun the other night shooting Hounds Barbers owners Elliott and Barry. In a slightly off the wall idea, I got the super talented Make up artist Mae Brogan to make Elliott look like David Bowie and Barry to look like Alice Cooper. It worked a treat 😊 expect an exhibition at theirs shop coming soon. 


Absolute Personal Training

Abbie is a personal trainer and has been working in the industry for many years, after working out of Sweat Southsea for 3 years, Abbie has now found a place of her own at Fort Widley, Portsmouth. Energetic and always happy, Abbie is someone you will find easy to work with.   


 My name is Abbie Ricketts and I have always had a passion for keeping fit, whether that be taking dance classes from a young age or competing in my school's athletics team. I love to share my knowledge and enthusiasm with others. In 2011 I qualified as a Level 2 Gym Instructor which led me to realise my love for encouraging people towards their fitness goals. This resulted in me building up my qualifications including Level 2 Exercise to Music, Level 2 Kettlebell Instructor, Level 2 Postural Analysis, Level 3 Personal Trainer, Level 3 Pre and Post Natal Exercise Instructor and TRX® Certified Suspension Trainer.

My name is Abbie Ricketts and I have always had a passion for keeping fit, whether that be taking dance classes from a young age or competing in my school's athletics team. I love to share my knowledge and enthusiasm with others.
In 2011 I qualified as a Level 2 Gym Instructor which led me to realise my love for encouraging people towards their fitness goals. This resulted in me building up my qualifications including Level 2 Exercise to Music, Level 2 Kettlebell Instructor, Level 2 Postural Analysis, Level 3 Personal Trainer, Level 3 Pre and Post Natal Exercise Instructor and TRX® Certified Suspension Trainer.

To contact Abbie. 

twitter @ABSolutePT_UK

mobile: 07538467963



Headshots and product shoots for another happy client. Good Salon Guide are the go to, for all hairdressers and their clients.

The Good Salon Guide is the only independent, nationwide scheme for assessing professional standards and services within the hairdressing and beauty industries. Listing around 2,000 salons in England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, the Good Salon Guide has become the kitemark of quality for the public and hairdressing industry.

Hairdressing salons are visited and objectively assessed by professionally trained inspectors against a set of strict criteria in the same way as the well-known AA or RAC hotel guides, giving consumers confidence in their choice.

New Menu shoot for Southsea Beach Café

On a pretty miserable Tuesday afternoon on the south coast, the only bright spot was to be shooting the new spring menu for the fantastic Southsea Beach Café. From breakfast through lunch and into the dinner menu, Adam the head chef and his energetic staff conjured up plate after plate of delicious looking food. Ben the manager, myself and a few of the waiting staff even got to taste some of the food presented. 


Roo Abrook

Lovely to help out a fantastic local artist Roo Abrook. Taking captures for Roo to use in her Portfolio.  for more info and to see her amazing work www.rooabrook.com



La Ballerina  


Dos corazons 

Wedding Fayres

Last Sunday saw the first of the year wedding fayre at the Royal Navy and Royal Albert yacht club in Pembroke Road, Old Portsmouth. The next one is booked for April.

A few of us local wedding suppliers decided that we would do a non profit making affordable wedding fayre for local independent wedding suppliers. It was a huge success with over 200 people through the door.  

What do we do differently to others, well we don’t pressure you to buy our wares, your there for a meet and greet and get the information you need to make your day special. Other fayres that charge the suppliers £200 for a table, make them under pressure to get you to sign up there and then. That is a decision you shouldn’t make when it is your big day. 

How I sell myself as your wedding photographer is this, I give you my details, I tell you to check out my website, there you will find details of what you should expect from your photographer, you can browse images of actual weddings and read reviews from them. Then you can if you wish make an appointment for a consultation, even after the consultation I don’t ask you to make a decision, I want you to go away with all the information garnered and in your own comfort and company decide if I am right for you.  

That is how you will make the right decision about your wedding, it’s not double glazing you’re buying, it’s your big day. Love and luck.  


Canon Professional Services New Forest

2.00am in the morning, bag is open and on the side is a 5D3, 16-35 f2.8, 24-105 f4, Manfrotto Pro55, waterproof camera cover, four batteries, waterproof SD card holder with 8 cards, lens wipes, Head torch, cleaning cloth. I'm ready.

Better put some trousers on. 

Sebago jacket, craghopper trousers, Merrell walking shoes, I'm going deep into the forest 😊

3.30am start at the lovely Beaulieu Hotel next to Beaulieu Road Station, in the New Forest, Hampshire.  

The Canon UK guys are all there waiting, coffee biscuits and orange juice is available. In the conference room there are stalls for Manfrotto tripods, Lee filters, BlackRapid straps and of course a huge range of bodies and lenses from the lovely people from Canon, all for us to take out to the forest to play with. 

First we have a talk by the slowly waking up David Clapp, very incitful and gave some very useful tips for us to take into the forest. Thank you David  


I plumped for the 5D4 with a 100-400 bolted on for good measure. Manfrotto loaned me a Pro head for my tripod and I was ready. 

We all went out into the dark and squeezed (too many camera bags) into two waiting minibuses and off we went. We landed just up from Boulder Wood and disembarked with all the new equipment, a short walk to the top of the hill and it was a case of find your spot for the sunrise. I found mine and dug in and waited.


Was it spectacular, no not really but it gave a bit of a light show. Armed with the 100-400 I set to task to put it to the test, David Clapp had said to give the macro a try, so hand held and with image stability on I hit a few fungi & flora between the eyes and very happy I was too.  


when the sun finally made an appearance we were bathed in a lovely golden light for the best part of half an hour.



After shooting the wildlife and sunrise, we headed back to the hotel for another talk about printing the images and more importantly sausage and bacon sarnies. Sleep deprivation kicked in and I was flagging, so I reluctantly handed back the equipment and shook hands with many and made my way home, fulfilled and happy to shoot somewhere different to Portsmouth for a change. Although I'm happily looking forward to try out a few tips I picked up.

all prints are available to buy in many sizes from the shop at 1, St.Vincent Road Southsea PO52QR or email johnnyblack@hotmail.co.uk 

JB 😊 

Grenfell Tower fire

My heart broke for all those poor souls trapped in the tower. My biggest fears are claustrophobia and fire, so as soon as I saw this I wanted to do something to help, I knew if I just donated to the fund, that would be it and even sharing it on social media, I wasn't confident it would make much more. So the idea of auctioning three of my A1 photos in the hope we could gain a few more pounds arose. 

They sell for £80.00 normally, so I was hoping somewhere near to that would make a decent amount. 

Well I had message after message from people offering from £10 to £75 for the photos, at £50, £65 and £75 I thought that was it, a very decent amount of money, to send to the Grenfell fund and to the Emergency services fund, 50% each. 

That was before the 2pm Saturday deadline Alison from Biscoes solicitors put in a bid of £150 for each of the three photos a huge total of £450.00.  A HUGE THANK YOU TO BISCOES.

What does this say, well it says solicitors have compassion and (a great eye for a photo 😂😂)  a huge heart. It also says that we as a community care about others we care if they are Muslim, we care if they are poor, we care if they are made homeless, we care about humans. 

This gives me faith in all of us coming together, because together we are stronger, together we are HUMANS. 


£150.00 bid by BISCOES


 £150.00 bid by BISCOES


 £150.00 bid by BISCOES

Bear Grylls and Team Britannia

Last weekend we had the honour of welcoming Bear Grylls to see the Team Britannia UK Powerboat, Bear was here to show his support to the Team, to BLESMA who make up a lot of the crew and to Clean Fuel. 

He was very impressed with the boat and spoke extensively to Alan Priddy and Stephan Mason The founders of Team Britannia. A special thanks also to ABC the boat builders, who have busted their guts in getting the boat to where it is now.


Thought I'd get in on the act  

Philip Morris International

I had the pleasure to shoot the MD of Philip Morris International, Peter Nixon in London for a piece that went into the business section of the London Evening Standard.

The shoot was at the offices in Hammersmith and we were graced with some exceptional cloud as a back drop.  

There are further opportunities to work with them and personally, I cannot wait.  


Masters fine art exhibition at Action staitions Portsmouth Historic Dockyard.

For the next week here in Portsmouth the Masters fine art students are exhibiting their works for all to see at "Action Stations" inside the Historic Dockyard. There are an eclectic of artists displaying their pieces. We have all sorts of artists, we have Victoria from as far away as Canada, each artist takes you through a journey of visual oratory and tactile emotions. Ailsa, Beth, Charlie, Kim, Pam and Victoria make up the exhibiting artists each and everyone of them showing their own little take on their skills. It's a must not miss show, if you're in the area make your way into the Portsmouth historic dockyard and enjoy the pleasures that behold.


Portsmouth&Southsea FREE kite festival.

Yet again Portsmouth City Council have done an amazing job in giving us a free event in out fantastic city last weekend we had beach buggin, this weekend we have the fantastic kite festival on the common also includes Love Southsea market marquee, and food arena. Just over the way on the Castle field we have the brilliant Thai food festival and as ever throughout the summer we have the free music bandstand. 

if you don't think we live in the best city then you are not taking up the chance to enjoy all the freebies on offer. Big thanks to Donna Jones and all the hard work PCC do, to give us great events.


Team Britainnia, circumnavigation of the world in a powerboat.

This year the World Circumnavigation Powerboat record will be broken by a craft designed and built by amazing Portsmouth people, huge blue chip companies are on board to help this come to fruition, the same Portsmouth people are the ones that hosted the "FREE" Thundercat extravaganza of powerboats, Music, Stunt motorcycles, food, love Southsea market and much much more on the Castle field and seafront. If we thought that was spectacular then bringing home the record will be as big as the homecoming of the "Lively Lady" from its round the world achievement, which the anniversary is today.

This will again put our amazing City of Portsmouth firmly on the maritime map. With the help of the council, we should be able to make this world wide news, show how great we are at making things happen in our great city.

The powerboat is in fabrication and at the moment a skeleton of aluminium, the engines and jets are waiting to be put in, along with the 6 fuel tanks.

The hull is upside down at this present time and once flipped, will be kitted out and made race ready.

Am I a little excited, after standing inside of the skeleton 80' X 9' you bet ya.

Thanks to Alan Priddy and Stephan Mason also Team Britannia you are all amazing.


Wedding of Matt & Emily Vincent

Well we couldn't have wished for a better day weather wise, that was the story for the whole day, it just got better and better. First off at the brides home then over to Denmead to the best man Dans house where the boys were far more subdued than the girls ( heavy night or just nerves) a few getting ready and a few ring shots then it was back over to the girls. Make up being done for the girls by Lindsey Wood, I have a second shooter today Paul from "A simpler life" he has been catching the girls whilst I was over with the boys. Dresses are on, into the garden for a few captures and then it's into the cars and onto the church. 

The wedding today is at St Thomas, Bedhampton, beautiful church off the track and offers the most scenic of settings. 

The Reception is at The Newtown Hotel, Manor Road, Hayling. It is a delightfully spacious and clean garden area to congregate and have table magic by the great 'El Roberto', before moving inside where 80 people fitted just perfectly with room for more.  Speeches went without hiccups and dry eyes and moved into the evening of cake smash (accidental) and first dance with a swing. It was the perfect day with perfect family and friends and I wish Matt and Emily, their boys Harry and Oliver all the love, luck and happiness for their futures together. JB 


Thundercats at Southsea

OK, I'm not easily impressed with people, I have to see something quite amazing for me to gush. Along came a man, Mr Alan Priddy, his enthusiasm and drive can do nothing but impress, this is a very busy man, but does that stop him from talking enthusiastically with every member of the public, no, is the answer. 

Mr Alan Priddy is putting together a very serious team (Team Britainia) to gain the world circumnavigation record in a power boat. The framework for the boat is in fabrication and the attempt will begin on the 21st of October hoping to take in the region of 50 days to complete.

I first met Alan when he helped host the Thundercat racing in Southsea in front of the Pyrimids and on the Castle field, it was a low key affair but with incredible racing, this year was nothing of the sort, once again the racing was immense, but as an added addition we had two days of stunt motorcycles, cheer leaders, Hot Rods, classic cars and music, boy did we have music, local venue the Wedgewood rooms helped put on a fantastic line up. On top of that we had food and drink stalls to choose from, bouncy castles and slides, merry go rounds for the kids and Lu Lu from LoveSouthsea had her marketeers, everything coming together to make a wonderful weekend of entertainment.

Here's the best bit, IT WAS FREE! 


So near, yet not so far, the Isle of Wight

I spend days, weeks looking out across the Solent at the Isle of Wight, from one island to another, a gem of the British Isles.

Well today we went across, not for the first time, at least not for me, but for 5 teenagers it was. What better way to visit than by the HovertravelLtd hovercraft, we didn't have a lot of time but in the small amount of time we had we did a lot. 

Once there and with the tide receding rapidly, we had time to grab ice cream and sunglasses and stroll off to the beach, families playing in the pools left by the outgoing tide, a 6 year old on a motorbike practicing speedway to an exceptional standard, sun was hot on our pale skin and our Crimson complection showed by the end of the day. 

Don't just look at the island make time to go and visit, it's totally worth it. 


My Perfect City

I can honestly say, hand on my heart I live in the perfect City for me. 


Where shall I start, my first memories, me playing in the garden at Somerset Road North, shouting at the top of my voice on a Saturday afternoon when Pompey were at home, as the crowd cheered then so did I. My support has never wavered, even though my uncle Sid told me to be like a certain Mr Greaves, I tried, but all it did was make me a follower of Yid, they are still my second team to look out for, along with Cambridge ( can't remember why). I love being a Pompey fan, I like the roller coaster ride.

The sea. 

I love being surrounded by the sea, the noise of the waves, the smell in the wind, the ever changing views and colours. 

Sunrise and Sunset.

We are blessed by the views of stunning sunrise and sunsets from our island city, starting and finishing in a different place everyday of the year.

Food and commerce. 

We have an abundance of restaurants and eateries of all tastes and predominantly independent, I love to use local business and we have a fantastic eclectic of shops and food outlets.


We are an island and with that comes the island mentality we are a stronghold we are opinionated and resolute, we are strong in character. 

Views and Architecture

These we have in abundance, at every turn there is something to shoot and capture, drive through the streets of Eastney and the east west parallels gives you a sight of the Spinnaker Tower. Walk down Osbourne Road and there is street art from acclaimed artists such as Gary Stranger, MSK, Fark and many more. Walk to the end of the road and you are greeted with the facade of the Queens Hotel. North of the City you have the Hilsea lines, West, you have the docks, East you have an almost uninterrupted shoreline walk.

In the City Center we have the iconic Guildhall and adjacent civic offices. 

All in all it has everything I need in a city, it has history, it has attractions it is the perfect city for me.